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Rudy The Roof Rat hopes you can help my making a generous donation.

You are probably asking yourself... 
"What can I do to help?" 
roof rats, roof rats, roof rats

There are several exciting ways for you to help Rudy's little unfortunate friends.

Yes, Sir Paul, with the assistance of The Roof Rat Council, has finally got around to offering what so many of you have been clamoring for.oof rats, roof rats, roof rats

Roof Rat Giftsf rats, roof rats, roof rats roof rats, roof rats, roof rats

Yes, the following deluxe keepsakes are now available for purchase thru PayPal.  Unlike everything else in this site, this is NO JOKE.  These fine gifts can be yours to cherish always.  What better way to say "I Love You" to that someone special.

We offer the following items:

"I Love Roof Rats" Bumper Stickers

These quality bumper stickers are made of high quality thick lamination, not cheap paper. You can boast your support for roof rats with these unique statements. 
I Love Roof Rats: Lets Trade Recipes
"I Love Roof Rats : Let's trade Recipes"  Bumper Sticker Only $3.00

 I Love Roof Rats: They Taste Just Like Chicken Bumper Sticker
"I Love Roof Rats : They Taste Just Like Chicken"  Bumper Sticker Only $3.00

Save The Roof Rats Bumper Sticker 
"Save The Roof Rats"  Bumper Sticker $3.00

"I Love Roof Rats" Furry Tailed Bookmarks

Each bookmark is a handcrafted work of art, laminated to last a lifetime, and comes complete with furry yarn tail.   These little gems are real collectors items, and are an excellent way to show your support. 

I Love Roof Rats: Let's Trade Recipes Bookmark
"Let's Trade Recipes" Bookmark  Only $2.00

I Love Roof Rats: They Taste Just Like Chicken Bookmark
"They Taste Just Like Chicken" Bookmark  Only $2.00

"Save The Roof Rats" Bookmark  Only $2.00

"Adopt A Roof Rat" Adoption Kit

For a more personal and intimate way to help,  you can Adopt a Roof Rat. 
Just think how your liberal guilt will just melt away by adopting your very own little roof rat.

roof rat adoption kit
Adoption Papers

Happy Adoptive Couple

Of course, you won't actually have to touch, smell or see the little rat. 
When signing up for Adopt  A Roof Rat you will receive

All this happens while your rat remains out of sight, but NOT out of mind.
By sending your $
5.00 adoption fee, you will be building strong bonds which will last a life time. 

See what one happy couple has to say about their decision to adopt a roof rat. 
  • Couples can experience the joy and satisfaction of parenthood without all the hassles!
  • Even if you already have children, adopting a roof rat can provide the companionship of pet ownership without the worry or mess.


"Adopt A Roof Rat" Adoption Kit Only $5.00


Faux Citrus Fruit Antenna Ornament

As we all know, roof rats just love citrus fruit!  Show your support with a genuine faux citrus fruit to proudly display from your pickup truck or SUV's radio antennae. 

Roof Rat supporter proudly showing citrus ornament.

This wonderful antenna ornament can be YOURS,  for only a small donation!

Save The Roof Rats Faux Citrus Antenna Ornament Only $3.00

You will receive your deluxe roof rat gifts within 2 weeks of order rats, roof rats, roof rats r

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Thanks for your support roof rats, roof rats, roof rats roof rats, roof rats, roof rats roof rats, roof rats, roof rats roof rats, roof rats, roof rats